Youngstar Rating…

We completed our formal rating through YoungStar, Wisconsin’s quality rating and improvement system at the end of September and we received our 4 Star! We are happy to have our 4 stars back as we lost it when we moved to a large building with a larger parking lot and playground and allowed us to add a full garden. After completing 6 months in our building we were allowed to request a new formal rating, due to Covid it took a lot longer then usual. However we were very close to a 5 star and we get reevaluated next year so we are sure we can get a 5 star!

From our formal review:

Parents are greeted at the front door of the center warmly by staff. There were many instances of staff and parents exchanging information about the child and having casual conversations. Children are fed well-balanced meals and snacks and mealtime was observed to provide a pleasant social atmosphere. Nap/rest was reported to be quiet and relaxing for the children. Children have learned how to wash their hands to remain healthy and the reasons for washing hands. Staff was observed circulating around the classroom and on the playground to make sure children are following safety rules.”

pulled from ECERS_R summary on 3 year old and up classroom while observing Mrs. Desiree.

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